Refereed Journals (JCR)

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Quality of government and regional trade: evidence from European Union regions
Regional Studies, Forthcoming.
Regional StudiesMieszkowski, Krzysztof and Barbero, Javier (2021)
Territorial patterns of R&D+I grants supporting Smart Specialisation projects funded from the ESIF in Poland
Regional Studies, Volume 55(3), 390-401.
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ICTs quality and quantity and the margins of trade
Telecommunications Policy, Volume 45 (1), 102056.
Transport PolicyPersyn, Damiaan; Díaz-Lanchas, Jorge and Barbero, Javier (2020)
Estimating road transport costs between and within European Union regions
Transport Policy, Forthcoming.
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A toolbox for calculating and decomposing Total Factor Productivity indices
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A Data Envelopment Analysis Toolbox for MATLAB
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The World EconomyBarbero, Javier and Rodriguez-Crespo, Ernesto. (2018)
The effect of broadband on European Union trade: A regional spatial approach
The World Economy, Volume 41 (11), 2895-2913.
Research EvaluationEdquist, Charles; Zabala-Iturriagagoitia, Jon Mikel; Barbero, Javier and Zofío, José L., (2018)
On the meaning of innovation performance: Is the synthetic indicator of the Innovation Union Scoreboard flawed?
Research Evaluation, Volume 27(3), 196–211.
Regional Science & Urban EconomicsBarbero, Javier.; Behrens, Kristian and Zofío, José L., (2018)
Industry location and wages: The role of market size and accessibility in trading networks
Regional Science and Urban Economics, Volume 71, pp. 1-24.
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Does Institutional Quality Matter for Trade? Institutional Conditions in a Sectoral Trade Framework
World Development, Volume 103, pp. 72-87.
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Applied EconomicsÁlvarez, Inmaculada C. and Barbero, Javier, (2016)
The Public Sector and Convergence with Spatial Interdependence: Empirical Evidence from Spain.
Applied Economics. Volume 48, Issue 24, Pages 2238-2252.

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Barbero, J., Diukanova, O., Gianelle, C., Salotti, S., and Santoalha, A. (2020). Economic modelling to evaluate Smart Specialisation: An analysis on research and innovation targets in Southern Europe. JRC Working Papers on Territorial Modelling and Analysis No. 01/2020, European Commission, Seville, JRC120397. [Download]

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